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The monster in the closet

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

When I first moved into the closet, I had no idea what I had to do. The only thing that I knew for sure was that I was in a house where a newlywed couple recently moved in. I was just a 6 feet tall shadow monster that lived in the closet of an empty room on the second floor.

I don’t know if this helps answer my question in the title, but I’m currently a 10 feet tall black monster. My eyes are white, and I have several rows of sharp teeth. I can form into a type of shadow on the ground, which helps me slip under closed doors and move around without getting noticed. While I don’t have a name, I do like to be called Shadow.

A few months passed, and I noticed that the room was getting more furniture. Cribs, shelves, and baby toys slowly filled the once empty room. Back then, I didn’t understand what was going on. But over time, I realized that the couple was getting new babies.

A few months later, and the couple has given birth to twins. It was a boy and a girl that I watched over. They were fussy babies, but I loved them like they were my children.

I watched them say their first words, take their first steps, and go to their very first day of school.

Their names were Addison and Andrew.

Addison loved playing with her dolls, playing dress-up, and playing pretend. Andrew loved playing sports, being with his friends, and playing with his action figures. They were adorable six-year-olds.

Of course, they have never seen me before. I made sure I was hidden well. But I’ve always watched over them with a proud smile on my face.

It always broke my heart whenever one of them cried because of their fear of the dark. I always wished I could go up to them and comfort them when they are upset, but I couldn’t let them see me.

But then their mother passed away.

She was in a car crash. It wasn’t even her fault; the other driver was drunk driving and was way over the speed limit.

Their mother was a very kind woman. She didn’t deserve the fate she got. To this day, I still wonder if there was anything that I could’ve done to stop their mother from dying. Maybe I could’ve written another errand on the list of things she needed to do before she went on the street where it happened. Maybe I could’ve hidden the car key somewhere. Sometimes I just wish that I could go back in time to prevent their mother’s death.

But shortly after her funeral, I noticed that their father started drinking and doing drugs. When I found out, I was beyond ticked off. He had to take care of his children! Not do drugs and drink until he passed out drunk!

A little while later, I started getting a sinking feeling in my chest. You know that feeling you get when you know something was about to go wrong? That was the feeling I got.

So then I started learning how to use technology. When everyone was asleep, I would sneak out of the closet and go on their laptop, which is how I’m currently typing this up.

I learned how to use technology so I can get help just in case anything goes wrong. But as technology advanced, it started to become harder to keep up with it.

Today, Addison and Andrew are both ten years old, and I am very proud of them both. They both have separate rooms, making it a little harder to watch over them both simultaneously, but I try.

But lately, strange things have been going on around here.

It all started last week. Andrew invited two of his friends for a sleepover. Everyone was laughing and having fun.

But then, later on, his friends started saying rude stuff to Andrew. One of his friends said that he was going to die alone. His other friend said that he was a loser and wasn’t worth anything. I could see Andrew getting upset, and I felt rage come in throughout my body.

At around bedtime, his friend and Andrew went to bed. Well, his “friends” went to bed at least. Andrew stayed up, crying. All I could do was watch helplessly as Andrew cried himself to sleep. Which is around the time I decided to go to bed too.

I woke up to a scream from outside. I looked outside the closet to see the carpet covered in some red stain on the carpet. Both of his friends were missing. Andrew was crying and running downstairs. It broke my heart to see Andrew cry like that. I could hear him asking his dad where his friends went.

I looked down at myself and noticed that I was covered in red liquid too. I saw my teeth were covered in it too.

I immediately went into my shadow form and went to the bathroom. I cleaned all of the red liquid off, somehow, without being spotted. I went to Addison’s closet to hide there for a while. Addison was downstairs eating breakfast while trying to comfort her brother.

I was shocked to see their mothers come later, asking where Andrew’s friends went. I thought that they picked up their kids. A few minutes later, I was forced to watch helplessly as their parents, Andrew and Addison, cried hysterically, not knowing what was going on. I just wanted to comfort their mothers, Andrew and Addison. But I knew I couldn’t. The police searched the house but were especially interested in the red stain on the carpet.

The police questioned Andrew, Addison, their dad, and the mothers on their disappearances. It felt like the police were there for hours. Eventually, they left, and the people who clean up crime scenes came in and got the red liquid out of the carpet. I didn’t think it was necessary to bring cleaners to the crime scene to clean up the stain since it was probably just some red juice. But I didn’t say anything.

Andrew was too spooked to sleep in his room, so he ended up sleeping on the floor of Addison’s bedroom.

Over the next few days, their dad started drinking more and more. One day, he got incredibly drunk.

He was walking around the kitchen, screaming at Addison and Andrew. Once again, I felt rage come throughout my body. How dare he yell at his kids! But I tried to stay calm. Maybe he was just angry about something at work?

But then he slapped Addison. I was forced to watch as their dad hurt Addison and Andrew. Eventually, he passed out on the couch.

The following day, I woke up to crying from the twins. I looked outside to see a huge red stain on the couch, where their dad passed out.

But he wasn’t there.

Where was he? I just wanted to go up to the twins and comfort them. They called the police. While waiting for the police to come, I noticed that they were starting to get scared of shadows. They jumped when they saw any shadow, and they made sure to stay as far away from closets as possible. I was confused. What happened that made them so afraid of shadows and closets? They were never scared of those things before.

I looked down at myself and noticed that I was covered in the same red liquid from a few days ago. I snuck out and washed myself up, somehow without getting caught.

The police eventually arrived, and the twins were led out of the house by some lady. I got into my shadow form and followed them. When they noticed their shadows, they screamed in terror for a second. I was heartbroken at how terrified they were.

I’m writing this inside of some strange building. I followed the twins here, and I ended up here. I’m typing this on some random computer.

So I have a question. Why are the twins suddenly so scared of shadows and closets? What’s the red liquid I keep seeing whenever someone goes missing?

Why can’t I get this iron taste out of my mouth? How can I protect the twins from whatever is going on around here?

...Why are people scared of monsters?

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