Don’t switch off the lights when you go to sleep tonight.

When school teacher Miss Cole decides to visit the school during the summer break, she is surprised by things that seem to be oddly out of place. Until she reaches her classroom. Trying to fathom the messages on the classroom board, she suddenly hears a voice. It is Ryan Edwards, her former fourth-grade student, calling out to her. 
An eerie cat-and-mouse game follows as sinister events unfold. 
But nothing is what it seems to be.
What will Miss Cole and Ryan Edwards discover in the abandoned school?
What happens when you take a selfie with the face-swap app…  
And if that 3D printer in your garage develops a mind of its own?
This collection of short stories comes with blades of horror that will gnaw the edges of your feeble heart.



Aditya is 16 years old and in high school, with interests that span from technology to the horror genre. Growing up in Paris and Bangkok in his early life, he found himself fascinated by the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park and the horror rides of Disneyland.
Now, he can be found dabbling in robotics and engineering physics when he is not chilling out playing a video game. Aditya plans to become a computer scientist one day but does intend to continue spinning his web of horror tales for his readers.

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